Saturday, January 3, 2009

Confessions of a Frozen Femme

I have a dirty little secret - and it's BAD!

Last night, my husband and I showered, bathed the two kiddos, got all sparkly and stuff - then shoved ourselves into {literally} pounds of winter attire - all in the name of dinner! As I looked in the back seat of our cozy Maxima, my kids were frozen stiff, unable to move through the layers of clothes and jackets. Poor Izaiah could barely bring his sippy cup to his mouth in a self-soothing attempt to dry his angry tears {oh how he hates being shoved into his snowsuit}.

Forty-five minutes later and one conversation about bad breathe in the confines of a car, we arrived at Seoul Gate Restaurant - a hole in the wall Korean restaurant with a pushy waitress and space heater in the middle of the floor. Neither my husband or myself have ever had Korean before, but our friends {who also shoved their two kids into pounds of winter attire in the name of dinner} assured us that this place had great food.

Unfortunately, Seoul Gate did not win over the heart of my husband, my food was "ok" and Bryanna surprisingly ate better than everyone at the table! Who knew Korean Won Ton Soup was the answer to our prayers to get her to eat!? At any rate, I can definitely say that we won't be visiting there again before we leave Alaska.

With dinner behind us, it was time to do some shopping! The men were less than enthused, so we proposed a deal: The men could take our car {along with the two boys} and head home, while my friend Marissa and I took the two girls in her car for a little retail therapy. It was a done deal!

Now, here's the embarrassing confession. The current temperature in Fairbanks, Alaska is -52*. Go ahead, I'll wait while you rub your eyes and re-read that last sentence.

Negative. Fifty-two. Degrees.

I did pretty well dressing the part. I wore a long sleeve shirt with a sweater vest, a scarf, a wool coat, gloves, jeans and high heels. Wait...

Did I just say high heels!?

YEP!! I got these SUPER cute new stilettos for Christmas that I could NOT resist, so I proudly slid my feet into them and strolled out to the car. I survived the walk from my house to the heated garage where our Maxima was parked. I survived the quick job from the {still running} car into the restaurant, but from the restaurant into my friends c.o.l.d. car is a completely different story. By the time we made it to WalMart I couldn't move my cute little red-painted toes.

Really, here's the confession: I ran into WalMart, grabbed a cart, headed straight back, made a right turn at electronics and a left turn into the first isle of the shoe department, where all the slippers are. I found a pair of fuzzy white house shoes, grabbed my size, ripped the tags off, threw my brand new pumps in the cart and slid my toes into some fuzzy goodness.

The rest of my evening - including all of my WalMart therapy and a little Barnes and Noble Cafe therapy - was spent in jeans and $5.00 fuzzy house shoes. {And yes, I kept the tag and paid for them before I left WalMart!}

There's a lesson to be learned here. If stilettos are a must in -52* weather, bring boots to wear to and from the car and cute bag big enough to hide them in once you're inside. ;)

Until next time - this is my completely embarrassing confession as a Mommy in Jeans and High Heels {in the frozen north}! *MUAH*


  1. LOL I loved it! You crack me up with your heels obsession;-) Next winter you won't have to worry about freezing your toes off ever again!

  2. hah! sometimes a girl just has to do what a girl has to do. just stopping by from sits!

  3. LOL Sending you warm flip flop thoughts and sunshine from Hawaii. Jen

  4. I too am obsessed with high heels, but I can't walk in them.