Thursday, January 8, 2009

Mommy Time? What's THAT!?

I am about to remember exactly what Mommy time is! It has been over two years since I last had my nails (fingers or toes) done professionally. I've been scraping by, painting my toes in dark shades of red to distract onlookers from my rough pads and unkept cuticles. I've been desperately drenching my finger nails in Green Tea Polish and begging them under my breathe to "Grow, babies, grow!"
Well not any more! Satuday, January 10th I am officially headed to town with not one, but TWO of my girlfriends. We'll roll through a coffee shop, get ourselves some sweet caffeine {oh how I love caffeine} and then slip into some chairs and "get our nails did!" It's been so long that I can't even decide how I want them painted. Of course I'll walk out with a full acrylic set, but do I go for a classic white french tip?

Or a trendy colored french tip?

Or should I get a wintery deep red?

Or a design?
AGGH! My head is spinning in pure delight!
Afterwards, we're headed to The Castle, an adult shop, where I'm sure we'll find ourselves hidden in a corner giggling uncontrolably over a penis mold to make your own "special friend that looks and feels just like your man!"
I just can't explain how needed this trip with my Ladies is. We've always got our kiddos with us, whether it's all of them or gender specific, we rarely get to roll out alone. I'm so excited, in fact, that I've marked it in my day planner in Hot Pink ink and scribbled cute little stars and hearts around it! A little taste of the charmed life that I once was accustomed to. <3
Thanks for sharing in my excitement! This is my life as a Mommy in Jeans and High Heels! *MUAH!*


  1. It is about damn time you get to have some YOU time! Im SO excited that i cant wait to see them! I know whatever you choose will look fabulous on you..duh.
    Enjoy yourself babe!You deserve it!<3

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  3. Not to be contrary...but I would say that "mommy time" is what you get plenty of. It's the "Amanda time" you do not get enough of! HA! Pedicures are the best! I am way over due for one myself and now, well, I just have to go get one!


  5. Hey mommy...hope you had a great pedicure and have not suffered from any frostbite showing it off in your heels! You must be caught up with Tutu's and family and life...check back in soon to your blogland friends....