Wednesday, July 29, 2009

So little time left...

Last night, my husband and I took chairs out on our back porch and watched lightening dance across the Oklahoma sky. Sitting on our porch during thunderstorms has sort of become our "thing". Some may call us crazy, but we don't particularly care!

As we gazed at the sky and listened to the soothing rain, it became so incredibly clear just how little time we have left together before he leaves. We made a verbal list of all the last minute necessary errands and tasks left to be done. It's painful discussing details like bank accounts, wills, insurance policies and the like. But even more painful is discussing how our children will handle 12 months away from their father.

Bryanna is old enough that she understands that Daddy's leaving for Honduras - but she has absolutely no concept of time. So when she says he's going for a year, there's no indication she truly comprehends how long that is. Izaiah is young, only 18 months. I think he will notice that Daddy is not around, but for the most part he will remain unphased.

During the day yesterday Brandon got out his big green bag and started stuffing it with uniforms and the necessities. Bryanna has already made arrangements for Brandon to take her favorite stuffed animal, a dog (which has recording and play-back capabilities). It was hard to watch her try several times to put her dog into Daddy's bag. She was heart-broken to think that he would leave without it, but she didn't understand that he wasn't leaving yet, just packing. I fought back tears several times yesterday.

Now, it's Wednesday. Tomorrow will be our last full day here as a family of 4. Friday afternoon we will leave our home and make the trip to Oklahoma City and stay with his parents until he flies out. I'm trying my best to make the most of every second together without overwhelming him. Yesterday after he packed his bags, he was very quiet. He finally admitted that the reality of this duty station was beginning to sink in. He kissed me gently and said "I'm really gonna miss you Momma."

I'm really gonna miss you too, Baby.

For tonight - A Mommy in Jeans and High Heels

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

This Momma is B.A.C.K.

I know this is long overdue - but A Mommy in Jeans and High Heels is back!!

So much has transpired in the last couple of months. Packing up my house was a total success, although completely stressful! We had a wonderful journey from Alaska to Oklahoma. Our children were absolutely wonderful. We made it in 6 days - and my husband drove every mile of it!! (Control freak would be an understatement.)

Our new home in Oklahoma is gorgeous! We finally feel proud to come home and have visitors at our home. The area we're in is boring and uneventful, but I'm determined to make the best of the next few years.

I'm preparing for the next stage of my life: single-mommy-hood! In six days my husband will leave us for 12 months. I'm having a hard time dealing with the change, but I know I have friends and family that will support me and accept late night calls from a crying Thompson Mommy.

I refuse to be bored while Brandon is away! I have already enrolled in my Bachelor's program and will begin classes on August 19th. It will be a challenge like no other, trying to read, study, attend classes, and write papers with two kids and no Daddy to entertain them!

At any rate, my blog will be my creative outlet while Brandon is gone. Follow me on my journey! This will DEFINITELY be interesting! The ups, the downs, the ugly and the absolutely beautiful!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Which Way?

This morning has been a rather great morning. Although I woke up with a sore throat and not feeling so hot, I put on my happy face, determined to have a wonderful day! I got some cleaning done this morning and bathed both kiddos and managed to have lunch ready for hubby when he got home. Now Izaiah is napping and {if she will ever finish her lunch} Bryanna and I are about to play some Wii.

Whats laying on my mind, though, are all the decisions I'm facing. My MIL has offered for the kids and I to live with her while Brandon is gone - but space at her house is very limited - so I would be sharing a room with both kiddos. The upside to this is the LOADS of money we would be pocketing from the air force. My SIL also asked if we would like to get an apartment with her in the city until Brandon gets back. Although we would still be in the city {a plus}, we wouldn't be banking so much money. My final option is to move into base housing on Altus. My friend who is there as well says that there is beautiful new housing on base. I think I like the idea of being settled. Although we won't be making extra money, the security of being in our home and not having to move twice is worth it {I think}.

I'm also trying to decide which new cell phone I'd like to get! I'm almost positive we'll be going with AT&T {although Verizon is a close second} because there's a store in Altus. So I'm contemplating between the iPhone and the Samsung Eternity. If you bother to click on those two links, you'll notice that most of the comments on the Eternity say that they prefer it over the iPhone. Both are sharp looking phones! I can't wait to end my contract up here and get my new phone!! Maybe it will be my Mother's Day present {not that I expect anything}!!

I'm off to watch my daughter fall into the icy Mario Kart Wii waters! She's so silly!

Rule of Life #46: Avoid large squatty pengiuns and banana peels on the floor - both will make your head spin!

With many decisions to make - which way will I choose? I guess we'll both know soon! Many blessings from A Mommy in Jeans and High Heels! *muah*

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Let's Play Catch Up

It's been a couple of days since my last post - and what a couple of days it has been! So here's the scoop!

After offering us Nellis AFB in Las Vegas, the AF pulled the rug on those plans and said that position was filled. So we're back to square one at Altus AFB in Oklahoma. To be quite honest, I'm not happy but I just want to move forward and finalize our plans to get out of Alaska. So we're officially leaving this frigid state on June 14th! Let the countdown begin!!

Between packing, making arrangements and leaving, I also have to maintain my school work (I graduate in May), have surgery and prepare for Brandon to leave for Honduras soon after we reach Oklahoma. So I have a lot on my plate.

With all that's going on - I still have time to laugh at my kiddos! Monday was officially named "Death of our Appliances Day". In the morning, Bryanna asked me if she could make toast with jelly for breakfast, to which I said "sure Baby." Unfortunately she got the steps backwards and put bread in the toaster after she jellied them. Later that day Izaiah {who is growing like a weed} grabbed a cord on the counter and pulled as he walked backwards, toppling our George Foreman Grill onto the floor, shattering it on impact. Death #2.

In all, we had another fantastic weekend and this week has started pretty well also. So I would like to close with this bit of advice:

Rule of Life #92: When appliances bite the dust in any form, it's best to replace them with bigger, better appliances to make yourself feel better!

Have a wonderful Wednesday, from a Mommy in Jeans and High Heels! *muah*

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Here I sit on Easter, waiting for Bryanna to rise and shine so she can find what the Easter Bunny left her last night. *happy sigh* I can't help but reflect on just how blessed I have been in the past year. No doubt there have been plenty of hard times, but from each of them I've taken the experience and tried my hardest to learn something from each bUmP in the road. I can only say that my God is a good God!

I do have some updates that I'll try to make quickly (it's Easter and I need to start cooking!). Thursday, we found out that each of our follow-on bases that we signed up for are over-manned. So Brandon had to choose between a list of bases (and with two higher ups standing over him, he was afraid to ask if he could call his wife). He chose Altus AFB in southwest Oklahoma. When he told me this news, I was livid for reasons I won't go into. Thursday was not a great day as Brandon and I were both mad for our own reasons and as it turns out, neither of us wanted to go to Altus. So Friday he asked to change his decision. Hopefully we'll find out soon (Monday?) if we're moving to Altus, Oklahoma or...

{drum roll please}


Brandon requested Nellis AFB on the outskirts of Las Vegas. Although I smile at the thought of being stationed at Altus with one of my closest friends, Jamie, I think Las Vegas will be a better fit for my family as a whole.

I have honestly found a place of peace with which ever way it ends up. While the prospect of Vegas is thrilling - I would make the absolute most of moving to Oklahoma as well.

In other news - Tiny Tutus is doing WONDERFULLY!! It's so exciting to create your own business and then have it succeed!

Well, this Diva in heels is off to cook some seriously yummy food! Have a VERY Happy Easter, from a Mommy in Jeans and High Heels! *MUAH*

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My World Turned on End

Many of you may remember my post in January where I mentioned that my husband is headed to Honduras for 12 months in August. As if this weren't upheaval enough, we've been waiting since January 15th to receive our follow-on assignment. We've applied for these orders twice now and it's been more than 2 weeks since our last application. As of today, we're scheduled to leave Alaska in 9 1/2 weeks.

Technically, because we're coming from an OCONUS assignment (overseas) directly to a remote assignment (meaning that Brandon goes alone) we should be awarded our base of preference. However, in my experience, the Air Force is rarely consistent or fair. We turned in a list of 7 bases in order of preference and it looks like this:
1) Tinker AFB, Oklahoma City, OK
2) MacDill AFB, Tampa Bay, Fl
3) Eglin AFB, Fl
4) Davis-Monthan AFB, Pheonix, Az
5) Lackland AFB, Tx
6) Travis AFB, Ca
7) Hurlburt Field, Fl
I can honestly say that I'm pretty happy with our list. I'm really banking on getting our base of preference though. My husband was born and raised in Oklahoma City and his family still fills the city. I had to practically beg him to go back there - but my arguments made absolute sense and there was no denying my reasoning.

My point is that my world is about to be turned upside down in a short period of time and I'm trying my hardest to prepare myself for it. Not only are we preparing a move from Alaska back to the lower 48 - we're packing and moving ourselves. {Don't ask!} My anxiety at this point is through the roof as you can imagine. I've been incredibly restless lately and I'm surviving on those few laughs my children manage to muster out of me every day.

It's difficult not knowing exactly where you're moving to. For example, I'm looking at real estate in three different states, the job market in three different states and schools and school age in three different states. Talk about preparing for the unexpected! Today, I was contacted by a real estate agent in Oklahoma City. Maybe I'm setting myself up for disappointment, but I just can't sit idle and wait any longer! I also started packing today. Call me crazy - but I'm ready to be out of Alaska! I did my time...

Stressed and Anxious,
A Mommy in Jeans and High Heels *MUAH*

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Blog Therapy

Hey there and Good Morning to all you in blog-world. I've been absent for some time, but lately I've been feeling the serious need for some blog therapy!

So here I am on a Tuesday morning. To be honest, I've never given Tuesdays much thought - I mean it's the only day of the week that doesn't have an alternate definition. Monday is the dreaded beginning of the work week. Wednesday is hump day, a transitional period of sorts. Thursday you can say "the week is almost over, tomorrow's Friday!!" Friday is...well, come on IT'S FRIDAY! Saturday and Sunday are those blessed weekend days to do whatever it is you want to do, void of bosses and annoying co-workers. I guess Tuesday to me is just a pretty chill day. Or atleast it would be...

It would be a pretty chill day if it weren't for my son screaming from his high chair covered in ooey-gooey strawberry poptart filling and my daughter begging for her turn on the computer, accompanied by:

1) A dishwasher full of clean dishes

2) A sink and countertop full of dirty dishes

3) A trough of laundry waiting to be folded

4) A bathroom sink crusted over with a weeks worth of toothepaste spit

5) An empty pantry begging to be restocked with groceries, and finally

6) Two dogs play fighting in the middle of my living room drowning out the morning cartoons.

You know, my daughter has recently taken a liking to the new cartoon Olivia (based on the award winning childrens series by Ian Falconer) and I must say that I've caught on to her "Rule of Life" trend and I'm liking it! So here's my first "Rule of Life" tip.

Rule of Life #24 - When it comes to household chores, if it doesn't cause imninent danger of harm to your children or pets, it can be done tomorrow.

That's all for now - Happy Tuesday from a Mommy in Jeans and High Heels! *muah!*

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Mommy Time? What's THAT!?

I am about to remember exactly what Mommy time is! It has been over two years since I last had my nails (fingers or toes) done professionally. I've been scraping by, painting my toes in dark shades of red to distract onlookers from my rough pads and unkept cuticles. I've been desperately drenching my finger nails in Green Tea Polish and begging them under my breathe to "Grow, babies, grow!"
Well not any more! Satuday, January 10th I am officially headed to town with not one, but TWO of my girlfriends. We'll roll through a coffee shop, get ourselves some sweet caffeine {oh how I love caffeine} and then slip into some chairs and "get our nails did!" It's been so long that I can't even decide how I want them painted. Of course I'll walk out with a full acrylic set, but do I go for a classic white french tip?

Or a trendy colored french tip?

Or should I get a wintery deep red?

Or a design?
AGGH! My head is spinning in pure delight!
Afterwards, we're headed to The Castle, an adult shop, where I'm sure we'll find ourselves hidden in a corner giggling uncontrolably over a penis mold to make your own "special friend that looks and feels just like your man!"
I just can't explain how needed this trip with my Ladies is. We've always got our kiddos with us, whether it's all of them or gender specific, we rarely get to roll out alone. I'm so excited, in fact, that I've marked it in my day planner in Hot Pink ink and scribbled cute little stars and hearts around it! A little taste of the charmed life that I once was accustomed to. <3
Thanks for sharing in my excitement! This is my life as a Mommy in Jeans and High Heels! *MUAH!*

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Confessions of a Frozen Femme

I have a dirty little secret - and it's BAD!

Last night, my husband and I showered, bathed the two kiddos, got all sparkly and stuff - then shoved ourselves into {literally} pounds of winter attire - all in the name of dinner! As I looked in the back seat of our cozy Maxima, my kids were frozen stiff, unable to move through the layers of clothes and jackets. Poor Izaiah could barely bring his sippy cup to his mouth in a self-soothing attempt to dry his angry tears {oh how he hates being shoved into his snowsuit}.

Forty-five minutes later and one conversation about bad breathe in the confines of a car, we arrived at Seoul Gate Restaurant - a hole in the wall Korean restaurant with a pushy waitress and space heater in the middle of the floor. Neither my husband or myself have ever had Korean before, but our friends {who also shoved their two kids into pounds of winter attire in the name of dinner} assured us that this place had great food.

Unfortunately, Seoul Gate did not win over the heart of my husband, my food was "ok" and Bryanna surprisingly ate better than everyone at the table! Who knew Korean Won Ton Soup was the answer to our prayers to get her to eat!? At any rate, I can definitely say that we won't be visiting there again before we leave Alaska.

With dinner behind us, it was time to do some shopping! The men were less than enthused, so we proposed a deal: The men could take our car {along with the two boys} and head home, while my friend Marissa and I took the two girls in her car for a little retail therapy. It was a done deal!

Now, here's the embarrassing confession. The current temperature in Fairbanks, Alaska is -52*. Go ahead, I'll wait while you rub your eyes and re-read that last sentence.

Negative. Fifty-two. Degrees.

I did pretty well dressing the part. I wore a long sleeve shirt with a sweater vest, a scarf, a wool coat, gloves, jeans and high heels. Wait...

Did I just say high heels!?

YEP!! I got these SUPER cute new stilettos for Christmas that I could NOT resist, so I proudly slid my feet into them and strolled out to the car. I survived the walk from my house to the heated garage where our Maxima was parked. I survived the quick job from the {still running} car into the restaurant, but from the restaurant into my friends c.o.l.d. car is a completely different story. By the time we made it to WalMart I couldn't move my cute little red-painted toes.

Really, here's the confession: I ran into WalMart, grabbed a cart, headed straight back, made a right turn at electronics and a left turn into the first isle of the shoe department, where all the slippers are. I found a pair of fuzzy white house shoes, grabbed my size, ripped the tags off, threw my brand new pumps in the cart and slid my toes into some fuzzy goodness.

The rest of my evening - including all of my WalMart therapy and a little Barnes and Noble Cafe therapy - was spent in jeans and $5.00 fuzzy house shoes. {And yes, I kept the tag and paid for them before I left WalMart!}

There's a lesson to be learned here. If stilettos are a must in -52* weather, bring boots to wear to and from the car and cute bag big enough to hide them in once you're inside. ;)

Until next time - this is my completely embarrassing confession as a Mommy in Jeans and High Heels {in the frozen north}! *MUAH*

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Sin on a Toothpick!

My New Years Eve was filled with friends, food, a good amount of liquor and even more food! I was in charge of my (now) famous Buffalo Chicken Dip via crock pot. I decided to show up with a new trick up my sleeve though - Cheese Cake Balls!

As with any first time experiment, I learned a few lessons. For example - when the directions say to roll the balls with moistened hands, you should listen.

24 hours after starting this adventure, lots of wax paper, toothpicks scattered all over the floor and a little (ok a lot of) sampling, I walked into our New Years party proudly carrying sin on a stick!

I do believe that next time I'll make the balls about half the size of these so that I can get the entire ball covered with chocolate. That process was actually really simple, but I think they will look MUCH more beautiful completely covered.

Can you imagine that I came home with an empty plate!? I will absolutely be making these again! {Just as soon as I remove this batch from my hips}

Other than food, my evening was fantastic! My girlfriends are wonderful and really beautiful!
And my night wouldn't be complete without my babies! Izaiah is still a Ladie's Man (and his favorite lady is his Momma!) and Bryanna is a D. I. V. A. with her girlfriends!

This is my delicious, totally Domestic Goddess life as a Mommy in Jeans and High Heels! *MUAH!*