Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Little Bit of Magic

I was awakened this morning much like I'm awakened every morning - I roll over to see Izaiah standing in his crib, staring at me, yelling "AAHHHH". I've figured out that means "get up woman! I'm hungry!"

As I drug myself out of bed this morning and shuffled to the kitchen with Izaiah on my hip, I stopped off to turn on the coffee pot and then made my usual detour to the kitchen window. What I saw this morning was beautiful. It was like magic on my doorstep, all over my driveway and down the block. The street lamp cornered from my house was shining bright and surrounded by white glitter falling from the sky. It's nothing new. I've seen this a thousand times before. But this morning I appreciated the beauty of it.

I spend most of my days complaining about Alaska: how cold it is, how slippery the snow makes the roads, how dark it is, and so on (I'll spare you the rest). But this morning as I pointed out the window for Izaiah to look, I felt a since of warmth and purpose. I would never see the snow's beauty if it weren't for the darkness and street lamps, and the extra cold temperatures make the snow so fine that it sparkles like glitter, lining the streets and trees.

I doubt that I'll ever return to Alaska after we move from here in 8 months, but it's mornings like this I'll treasure...sharing a smile with my son at 7 in the morning as we find a little bit of magic, together.

Here's hoping that you all find a little magic somewhere in your day today! This is my magical life as a Mommy in Jeans and High Heels! *MUAH*

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Babies, Boogers and Books

Babies and Boogers and Books - OH MY!!

So, let me just start out by saying that even though Bryanna is 4 and we're forever telling her that she's a big girl, she'll always be Momma's baby. So when I say "babies" I'm definitely referring to both Bryanna and Izaiah, who I should add, is way too quickly growing out of his baby-ness. The boy amazes me. Seriously.

So about my babies: Izaiah has not had a good night's sleep in three days now. When Momma's babies don't sleep, Momma doesn't sleep. This is not to be mistaken for Daddy's sleep - which is always on time and quite perfect! My poor 'Zaiah can't breathe through his nose and I can't even imagine how confusing that is for a baby! It's obviously frustrating because he wakes just about every 30 minutes crying and I can hear him trying to figure out which way to lay so that he can better receive air. I'm such a sucker for my little man, so I usually get up to tuck him back in. And I just can't resist getting in some kisses and snuggles first! ;)

Bryanna is...well, she's off her rocker! I know that she's so frustrated being trapped in the house so much during the winter but if she tells me "Don't say that to me" one more time I may dangle her from the ceiling fan by her toe nails!

So in an attempt to multi-task, I hauled the babies to the grocery store with me today! I brave this outting alone, regardless of the fact that that we practically need two carts - one for the baby, winter jackets, mittens, hats, re-useable grocery bags, list and coupons, purse, snacks and bottle, and all the jewelery that Bryanna piles on at home and then looses interest in half way through the Commissary, and one for my groceries. But we pile into one cart and take off down the produce isle.

We actually get off to a pretty good start, all things considered! But by isle 3, Bryanna has developed an attitude that warrants a "don't get snatched up in the middle of the store!" and I remember that Izaiah has now been up for 4 hours without a nap while being sick. Can you say "uh oh"? In my quest to run through the store as quickly, efficiently and effectively as possible, I accomplish none of the above. My normal cart-route is interrupted with "Mommy, can I have..." and bottle tossing and cookie dropping and "Don't do that!", which leaves me 1.5 hours out with $180 of I don't even know what, and missing essentials.

So we get to the register and the cashier is chatty and ranting about how gorgeous my babies are. (Thanks, I know!) All of a sudden I hear three big gasps and people rushing around and muffled voices; it was like scene out of a horror movie when you're drugged and horrible things are happening in slow motion. I come to and hear "Here's a tissue!"

Izaiah has a terrified look on his face and snot from his nose, over and through his mouth, hanging from his chin and resting pleasantly on his Phat Farm shirt. I don't think I've seen so much boog in one place, ever! We use approx 5 tissues from the cashier in the next lane while just about everyone in the store stares in amazement. What a site, huh?. A Mommy wiping her babies boogers. *sigh*

Since returning home, we've abandoned tissues and gone to receiving blankets. They hold much more snot at any given moment and can be washed and re-used. (No, this is not a joke!)

So I get home to find that Roxy (our rottie/pit mix who I think has separation anxiety) has pulled some of the dirty laundry through her crate and drooled all over it! Thanks babe! I put 'Zaiah down in his crib with a "milk baba", put Bryanna in front of Dora and carry 9 bags (of $180 worth) of groceries up the stairs from the my heels! =)

Did you really think I'd go to the grocery store in my kicks?

Now that we're settled in, fed, and rested, books are next on my agenda. School is getting the best of me, but "through God, all things are possible" - so PRAY FOR ME!!

Until next time - this is my life as a Mommy in Jeans and High Heels! *MUAH*

Monday, November 24, 2008

It's Been a HOT Minute!

So today I realized that it's been a hot minute since I've posted!

Seriously though - life has been hammering me something crazy. School, especially, has me downing mug after mug of, cold, sweet, doesn't matter as long as it's caffeinated! Izaiah has caught whatever this illness is that I've been fighting, so sleep is a non-issue at the moment.

And I say non-issue because it doesn't exist!

With the Holidays nipping at my beautiful plaid heels, I'm forced to pick up the pace lately! Be Back Soon!

This is my life as a Mommy in Jeans and High Heels - FAST PACED!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Top 10 Reasons I Hate Being Sick

I'm not sure if it's the Alaska weather (which is seriously psycho) or my husband, but one of them has rendered me SICK! My head feels as though it may explode, which of course makes me totally on edge and wanting to hatchet anyone who speaks to me. So here they are; the top 10 reasons I hate being sick.

10. I get seriously whiney when I'm sick. SO whiney that I even annoy myself. I purposely seclude myself to spare those in earshot. How sweet of me! ;)
9. I hate dirty tissues. They really gross me out.
8. I would MUCH rather be drinking coffee than hot tea.
7. I appreciate the act of breathing through my nose, so when that's's not a good look.
6. My children seem to know that I'm only functioning at around 22%, so naturally they begin to require way more than their normal share of attention.
5. I like to sleep. When I don't sleep...again, it's not a good look!
4. Nothing tastes good anymore. Today, I sliced a piece of Amish Friendship Bread (which I really love) and honestly I could have thrown it away and never known the difference. How BLAH is that?
3. Tissues make my nose SO SORE! Even Puffs Plus with Lotion kill my delicate skin. Thank God for my Mary Kay TimeWise Moisturizer (you like that plug?)!
2. My house goes to hell. Dishes pile up, laundry starts walking itself all over the house, diapers end up near the trash, but never in it, mail starts to scatter, the vacuum takes a tropical vacation to "No Carpet Island" and the trash never takes itself out.

1. When I feel like booty, I look like booty. I'm rockin some broke down sweats, a nursing tank top (from months ago when I actually still nursing), some seriously crazy looking socks, no makeup and no high heels.


This is my life as a Mommy in Jeans and High Heels...tomorrow hopefully!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Beauty Should NOT Be This Painful!

Let me just say that there will be NO high heels on this chic's feet today!

In my quest to be a Hot Momma I regularly hit the gym. Five days a week my alarm jolts me out of bed at 4:30am so that I can get in a good 75 minutes of blood pumping, muscle making, toning, training exercise before my kids put me through the wringer for the rest of the day. I've recently made it my personal mission to rebuild the booty that my normal routine has taken away from me. Isn't it messed up that I have to exercise to regain something that exercising made me loose? Those who had to listen to me whine and mourn the loss of my bootylicious backside advised me to try squats! So for a couple of weeks, I've added 40 or so squats to my agenda - but truthfully, I felt nothing and saw no results; and trust me, I look at my booty. A lot!

My poor husband gets the worst of my workout-woes! He's by no means a gym-god but I like to think he knows more than I do because he's had a little training in that area. It kills me to go to him for advice, so I usually just whine and bitch until he offers suggestions, then I bitch that I don't need his help! See how that works? Without a doubt, he knows that this is the game I run on him, but he continues to humor me. Either he really loves me and genuinely wants to help, or he really loves that most of his friends think I'm a milf.

Back on topic! While rolling around on the floor with the kiddos recently, I started complaining that I wasn't seeing results from my squats. Brandon (playing along as usual) said "are you using any weights?" I said "Weights!? I weigh 116lbs! I shouldn't need any darn weights!"

"Ok, I'm just trying to help you out" was his reply. Advice filed away - and I continue to rant that I don't need his freaking help!

Monday rolls around. Ah, another week of gym love! I have stars in my eyes just thinking about smelly yoga mats and gym wipes. I arrive with an I'll show him attitude. So I finish up my cardio, hit the weight machine room for about 15 minutes (too many creepy men staring) and then it's off to the abs room and time for my squats! On my way through the door I grab a mat and tuck it under my arm so I can grab a couple of weights.

Someone seriously should have warned me that adding weights really does make a difference! Ten pounds in each hand, and 40 squats later, I left the gym feeling pretty pumped! But the minute I stepped out the door into -4* weather and felt my muscles tighten up like a virgin on her wedding night...I had a feeling I was in trouble.

The pain today is unbearable; so is the laughter spewing from my husband's head. Sometimes I really want to stuff one of his socks in his mouth - right after he takes his military boots off! The very worst part of it is that I'm not talking about my butt. Apparently I'm not doing my squats properly because it's my THIGHS that are giving out from under me while trying to load the dishwasher! Son of a...

Needless to say, I threw my phone across the room this morning when the alarm sounded at 4:30 and I'll be making up some missed gym time this weekend. I'm walking around my happy home in house shoes like a drunk on 5th Avenue!

This is my life as a Mommy in Jeans shoes.

Monday, November 3, 2008

My Introduction

You haven’t lived until you’ve been hit with a wad of cold macaroni and cheese right between your big toe and first toe. And as you look up to meet the gaze of your 10 month old - his big brown eyes amidst a cheddar-cheese-orange face - you feel a noodle slip between your toes, right into your brand new black pumps.

Hey y’all! I’m Amanda, and according to the above description of life, I’ve lived!! I like to consider myself a southern charmer, although to be quite honest I can only claim the south by way of six years in Charleston, SC. I’m a military wife. I love my husband and I honestly like the military life. I never expected that title to carry me all the way through mounds of snow and -40* weather into central Alaska, though. No worries, only seven more months in the frozen north. Then I’m sure to find some bitching to do about the southern heat and humidity!
My husband and I are blessed to have two bright and beautiful children: Izaiah, my macaroni and cheese monster, and Bryanna, who is 4. They’re wonderful kids who are destined to grow up to be neurosurgeons, super models or pro ball players. At least something comparable that will carry my husband and I to retirement and back, we’re hoping.
As a person, I’m probably the prissiest Mom I know. Most of my friends tease me about wearing high heels to the grocery store, slipping through the snow with a baby on my hip and dragging the other behind by her mittens. But I just can not help it! I eat pizza with a fork and knife because I hate for my fingers to get greasy and I can’t stand the feeling of pizza sauce on the corners of my mouth. I don’t leave the house without my hair and make-up done. (The exception to this rule is if I’m going to the gym, but that’s why I choose to go at 5am – while most normal people are still sleeping!) I have a serious weakness for a great pair of jeans from American Eagle and a fantastic pair of high heels. Nothing makes a woman feel more beautiful and powerful than heels*. My other weakness is definitely makeup. I wear it, I sell it, I paint as many faces as I can and I never leave home without my lip gloss!
I have a few pet peeves; lack of manners for example. I get a little worked up when someone completely ignores my warm hearted “God Bless You”. I don’t so much care if you don’t believe in God – ignore that part and at least thank me for the blessing bestowed upon you for loosing brain cells! And my attitude may surface when someone clearly sees me struggling with a stroller and the door, and continues about their business. I just don’t understand why manners are not cool anymore! Personally, I love them!
My other peeve is grown women who waste my time with childish games. Between housework, homework**, heels and macaroni and cheese, I just don’t have the time for it.
I’m Amanda and this is my life as a Mommy in jeans and high heels!

*This is actually only true if you know how to walk in them. If you clop like a horse, maybe you should try some cute ballet flats!
**Oh yeah, did I mention I’m also a full-time student?