Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Here I sit on Easter, waiting for Bryanna to rise and shine so she can find what the Easter Bunny left her last night. *happy sigh* I can't help but reflect on just how blessed I have been in the past year. No doubt there have been plenty of hard times, but from each of them I've taken the experience and tried my hardest to learn something from each bUmP in the road. I can only say that my God is a good God!

I do have some updates that I'll try to make quickly (it's Easter and I need to start cooking!). Thursday, we found out that each of our follow-on bases that we signed up for are over-manned. So Brandon had to choose between a list of bases (and with two higher ups standing over him, he was afraid to ask if he could call his wife). He chose Altus AFB in southwest Oklahoma. When he told me this news, I was livid for reasons I won't go into. Thursday was not a great day as Brandon and I were both mad for our own reasons and as it turns out, neither of us wanted to go to Altus. So Friday he asked to change his decision. Hopefully we'll find out soon (Monday?) if we're moving to Altus, Oklahoma or...

{drum roll please}


Brandon requested Nellis AFB on the outskirts of Las Vegas. Although I smile at the thought of being stationed at Altus with one of my closest friends, Jamie, I think Las Vegas will be a better fit for my family as a whole.

I have honestly found a place of peace with which ever way it ends up. While the prospect of Vegas is thrilling - I would make the absolute most of moving to Oklahoma as well.

In other news - Tiny Tutus is doing WONDERFULLY!! It's so exciting to create your own business and then have it succeed!

Well, this Diva in heels is off to cook some seriously yummy food! Have a VERY Happy Easter, from a Mommy in Jeans and High Heels! *MUAH*

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