Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Blog Therapy

Hey there and Good Morning to all you in blog-world. I've been absent for some time, but lately I've been feeling the serious need for some blog therapy!

So here I am on a Tuesday morning. To be honest, I've never given Tuesdays much thought - I mean it's the only day of the week that doesn't have an alternate definition. Monday is the dreaded beginning of the work week. Wednesday is hump day, a transitional period of sorts. Thursday you can say "the week is almost over, tomorrow's Friday!!" Friday is...well, come on IT'S FRIDAY! Saturday and Sunday are those blessed weekend days to do whatever it is you want to do, void of bosses and annoying co-workers. I guess Tuesday to me is just a pretty chill day. Or atleast it would be...

It would be a pretty chill day if it weren't for my son screaming from his high chair covered in ooey-gooey strawberry poptart filling and my daughter begging for her turn on the computer, accompanied by:

1) A dishwasher full of clean dishes

2) A sink and countertop full of dirty dishes

3) A trough of laundry waiting to be folded

4) A bathroom sink crusted over with a weeks worth of toothepaste spit

5) An empty pantry begging to be restocked with groceries, and finally

6) Two dogs play fighting in the middle of my living room drowning out the morning cartoons.

You know, my daughter has recently taken a liking to the new cartoon Olivia (based on the award winning childrens series by Ian Falconer) and I must say that I've caught on to her "Rule of Life" trend and I'm liking it! So here's my first "Rule of Life" tip.

Rule of Life #24 - When it comes to household chores, if it doesn't cause imninent danger of harm to your children or pets, it can be done tomorrow.

That's all for now - Happy Tuesday from a Mommy in Jeans and High Heels! *muah!*


  1. ooh I love Olivia ;) Cutest pig ever!
    Leaving Some Love from SITS!!

  2. I saw your post on SITS..and wanted to come by!! I don't have a child but the rest of your things on that list I definately had today!!!!