Thursday, April 16, 2009

Which Way?

This morning has been a rather great morning. Although I woke up with a sore throat and not feeling so hot, I put on my happy face, determined to have a wonderful day! I got some cleaning done this morning and bathed both kiddos and managed to have lunch ready for hubby when he got home. Now Izaiah is napping and {if she will ever finish her lunch} Bryanna and I are about to play some Wii.

Whats laying on my mind, though, are all the decisions I'm facing. My MIL has offered for the kids and I to live with her while Brandon is gone - but space at her house is very limited - so I would be sharing a room with both kiddos. The upside to this is the LOADS of money we would be pocketing from the air force. My SIL also asked if we would like to get an apartment with her in the city until Brandon gets back. Although we would still be in the city {a plus}, we wouldn't be banking so much money. My final option is to move into base housing on Altus. My friend who is there as well says that there is beautiful new housing on base. I think I like the idea of being settled. Although we won't be making extra money, the security of being in our home and not having to move twice is worth it {I think}.

I'm also trying to decide which new cell phone I'd like to get! I'm almost positive we'll be going with AT&T {although Verizon is a close second} because there's a store in Altus. So I'm contemplating between the iPhone and the Samsung Eternity. If you bother to click on those two links, you'll notice that most of the comments on the Eternity say that they prefer it over the iPhone. Both are sharp looking phones! I can't wait to end my contract up here and get my new phone!! Maybe it will be my Mother's Day present {not that I expect anything}!!

I'm off to watch my daughter fall into the icy Mario Kart Wii waters! She's so silly!

Rule of Life #46: Avoid large squatty pengiuns and banana peels on the floor - both will make your head spin!

With many decisions to make - which way will I choose? I guess we'll both know soon! Many blessings from A Mommy in Jeans and High Heels! *muah*

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