Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Little Bit of Magic

I was awakened this morning much like I'm awakened every morning - I roll over to see Izaiah standing in his crib, staring at me, yelling "AAHHHH". I've figured out that means "get up woman! I'm hungry!"

As I drug myself out of bed this morning and shuffled to the kitchen with Izaiah on my hip, I stopped off to turn on the coffee pot and then made my usual detour to the kitchen window. What I saw this morning was beautiful. It was like magic on my doorstep, all over my driveway and down the block. The street lamp cornered from my house was shining bright and surrounded by white glitter falling from the sky. It's nothing new. I've seen this a thousand times before. But this morning I appreciated the beauty of it.

I spend most of my days complaining about Alaska: how cold it is, how slippery the snow makes the roads, how dark it is, and so on (I'll spare you the rest). But this morning as I pointed out the window for Izaiah to look, I felt a since of warmth and purpose. I would never see the snow's beauty if it weren't for the darkness and street lamps, and the extra cold temperatures make the snow so fine that it sparkles like glitter, lining the streets and trees.

I doubt that I'll ever return to Alaska after we move from here in 8 months, but it's mornings like this I'll treasure...sharing a smile with my son at 7 in the morning as we find a little bit of magic, together.

Here's hoping that you all find a little magic somewhere in your day today! This is my magical life as a Mommy in Jeans and High Heels! *MUAH*

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