Thursday, November 20, 2008

Top 10 Reasons I Hate Being Sick

I'm not sure if it's the Alaska weather (which is seriously psycho) or my husband, but one of them has rendered me SICK! My head feels as though it may explode, which of course makes me totally on edge and wanting to hatchet anyone who speaks to me. So here they are; the top 10 reasons I hate being sick.

10. I get seriously whiney when I'm sick. SO whiney that I even annoy myself. I purposely seclude myself to spare those in earshot. How sweet of me! ;)
9. I hate dirty tissues. They really gross me out.
8. I would MUCH rather be drinking coffee than hot tea.
7. I appreciate the act of breathing through my nose, so when that's's not a good look.
6. My children seem to know that I'm only functioning at around 22%, so naturally they begin to require way more than their normal share of attention.
5. I like to sleep. When I don't sleep...again, it's not a good look!
4. Nothing tastes good anymore. Today, I sliced a piece of Amish Friendship Bread (which I really love) and honestly I could have thrown it away and never known the difference. How BLAH is that?
3. Tissues make my nose SO SORE! Even Puffs Plus with Lotion kill my delicate skin. Thank God for my Mary Kay TimeWise Moisturizer (you like that plug?)!
2. My house goes to hell. Dishes pile up, laundry starts walking itself all over the house, diapers end up near the trash, but never in it, mail starts to scatter, the vacuum takes a tropical vacation to "No Carpet Island" and the trash never takes itself out.

1. When I feel like booty, I look like booty. I'm rockin some broke down sweats, a nursing tank top (from months ago when I actually still nursing), some seriously crazy looking socks, no makeup and no high heels.


This is my life as a Mommy in Jeans and High Heels...tomorrow hopefully!

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  1. Hah! Very humorous...great site!
    (found on CafeMom)