Monday, November 3, 2008

My Introduction

You haven’t lived until you’ve been hit with a wad of cold macaroni and cheese right between your big toe and first toe. And as you look up to meet the gaze of your 10 month old - his big brown eyes amidst a cheddar-cheese-orange face - you feel a noodle slip between your toes, right into your brand new black pumps.

Hey y’all! I’m Amanda, and according to the above description of life, I’ve lived!! I like to consider myself a southern charmer, although to be quite honest I can only claim the south by way of six years in Charleston, SC. I’m a military wife. I love my husband and I honestly like the military life. I never expected that title to carry me all the way through mounds of snow and -40* weather into central Alaska, though. No worries, only seven more months in the frozen north. Then I’m sure to find some bitching to do about the southern heat and humidity!
My husband and I are blessed to have two bright and beautiful children: Izaiah, my macaroni and cheese monster, and Bryanna, who is 4. They’re wonderful kids who are destined to grow up to be neurosurgeons, super models or pro ball players. At least something comparable that will carry my husband and I to retirement and back, we’re hoping.
As a person, I’m probably the prissiest Mom I know. Most of my friends tease me about wearing high heels to the grocery store, slipping through the snow with a baby on my hip and dragging the other behind by her mittens. But I just can not help it! I eat pizza with a fork and knife because I hate for my fingers to get greasy and I can’t stand the feeling of pizza sauce on the corners of my mouth. I don’t leave the house without my hair and make-up done. (The exception to this rule is if I’m going to the gym, but that’s why I choose to go at 5am – while most normal people are still sleeping!) I have a serious weakness for a great pair of jeans from American Eagle and a fantastic pair of high heels. Nothing makes a woman feel more beautiful and powerful than heels*. My other weakness is definitely makeup. I wear it, I sell it, I paint as many faces as I can and I never leave home without my lip gloss!
I have a few pet peeves; lack of manners for example. I get a little worked up when someone completely ignores my warm hearted “God Bless You”. I don’t so much care if you don’t believe in God – ignore that part and at least thank me for the blessing bestowed upon you for loosing brain cells! And my attitude may surface when someone clearly sees me struggling with a stroller and the door, and continues about their business. I just don’t understand why manners are not cool anymore! Personally, I love them!
My other peeve is grown women who waste my time with childish games. Between housework, homework**, heels and macaroni and cheese, I just don’t have the time for it.
I’m Amanda and this is my life as a Mommy in jeans and high heels!

*This is actually only true if you know how to walk in them. If you clop like a horse, maybe you should try some cute ballet flats!
**Oh yeah, did I mention I’m also a full-time student?

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