Wednesday, December 17, 2008

OH Bryanna...

Let me preface this post by telling you that here at the Thompson Home, we tend to have some good laughs daily! Brandon is such a booger and is always cracking on one of us. Bryanna is QUICKLY picking up.

Monday through Friday Brandon pops in from 11-12 for lunch. Until that time, Bryanna and Izaiah pretty much run the house. They watch cartoons all morning, eat their breakfast, chill in their jammies, etc. But when Daddy comes home - BIG POPPA rules the rooste! So after making himself something to eat, he plops down on the couch for a little afternoon convo and he grabs the remote and gives Bryanna a hard time, saying things like "It's Daddy's turn! No more cartoons for you!" Like I said, he's such a booger!

So this afternoon, the house rumbled as the garage door opened and closed and the kids stirred as they waited for Brandon to pop up. He rumbled a little as he talked about the weather and work, made himself some soup and plopped down on the couch and began scouring for the remote. Little did he know that he was about to get punked! No - Ashton Kutcher was not hiding around the corner.

Bryanna had already found the remote and was holding on for dear life as she quiety watched Brandon dig in the couch cushions. What follows is a conversation I'm not soon to forget.

Brandon: "Nana - where's the 'mote?"

Bryanna: (holding tight) "Right here."

Brandon: "Daddy's turn. Give me the 'mote punk!"

Bryanna: ""

Brandon: "GIRL! Give me the 'mote! It's Daddy's turn! You know the rules!"

Bryanna: (holds her arm straight out at Brandon with her index finger up) " That's not nice! You can watch when my show is finished Daddy! Shhhh, Dora is on!"

hehe Brandon was SO stunned that he had no choice but to let her watch the rest of Dora before asking for the "'mote" again! We got a great laugh out of that for the rest of the day!

Oh I just love my daughter SO much! I won't have to miss Brandon while he's in Honduras for a year because I have his clone in short, girly form!

This is my HILLARIOUS life as a Mommy in Jeans and High Heels! *MUAH*


  1. love the things that kids come up with all on their own! So cute!

  2. This is too great!!! Kids say the funniest things!!! I just love their little expressions too!!!!