Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What an Adventure!

Today has been quite an adventure - and it's only 5:48 in the evening! I was awakened this morning just like every other morning. I hear Izaiah screaming at me and roll over to see his tearful face staring at me over the rails of his crib. I stretched and said my usual "Good Morning little man! How's Mommy's handsome boy?" A little bottle, a new diaper, some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and a few kisses and it was time for my daily Internet rounds. I checked in on my blog (I guess I like to make sure no one stole it?), cruise through The Mommy Exchange (the site I own for Mommas), check Facebook and Cafe Mom along with my three emails and then SITS blog of the day and any updates from the blogs I follow. Dang I feel like a nerd now!

By now, Izaiah is getting quite restless, so I stick him in his high chair with a bowl of strawberry banana yogurt while I sprint through my morning shower. I knew I would be out and about most of the day, so I treated myself to a nice Mary Kay Microdermabrasion. Seriously, it makes me feel so beautiful and refreshed! Anyway, here I am nice and clean and smelling beautiful, wrapped in a towel, and I find Izaiah covered from head to toe, ear to ear in strawberry banana yogurt. What am I supposed to do with him??

Blah. I stuck him in the bath and got him dry and squared away so that I could dry my hair and put my face on. Oh how wrong was I!! This little boy tore up my house something serious! He found the kitchen and pulled everything he could reach out of drawers, including all the plastic baggies, measuring cups and spoons. Then he tottled into the living room and threw mail on the floor, bit the corner out of my Newsweek, opened the diaper door and tossed those out and moved on to the DVDs. By the time he found me in the bathroom he had a suspicious red liquid coming from the corners of his mouth. I dug the half eaten vibrant red crayon out of his mouth and wondered if FedEx had delivered my straight-jacket yet.

I took a deep breathe and poured another cup of coffee. It was going to be a long day! Brandon was nearly 20 minutes late getting home to watch the kids. Thankfully I know him TOO well and asked him to be home at 10 instead of 10:30, when I really needed to leave. ;) I drove through Burger King on my way off base for some nutrition (if you can call it that) and one of my favorites - a Mocha BK Joe! Oh it's like caffeinated chocolate milk in a plastic sippy cup!

My eye appointment went well! And it's always a bonus when your eye Dr. remembers how pregnant you were the last time he saw you and compliments you over and over on how great you look now! I left his office with new contacts and a smile! The dentist was not quite so pleasant, but then again, he's always played second fiddle to my eye Dr.

Now, I'm home with my family. I drank in some love from my Nana (that's what we call Bryanna), snuggled with my hottie for a while, hijacked some kisses from Izaiah before he shoved another noodle into his mouth and then snuck away to work on homework...or maybe just to post on my blog!

In closing, I would like to leave with a profound thought from Will Smith, written in an article for Newsweek Magazine. When asked about his religion and Jada's recent comments that the couple had been studying many different religions, he said "Fear of other religions means you're questioning your own understanding..." How true and wise I think he is. Showing respect for another's religion does not mean that you fall short of your own beliefs - it means that you're so rooted and confident in what you believe in that you're able to see that we're all just searching for God in one way or another.

What a Tuesday it has been for this Mommy in Jeans and High Heels! *MUAH*


  1. But, you forgot to mention that you won a letter painting from Kim!!! What's your super letter?

  2. Hey again...check Nester's blog...it is listed there that you won...silly girl.

  3. Good Lord, this sounds like plenty of days I have been through LOL- toss a $400 pocket PC in the toilet and a nice drawing on your LCD (in permanent marker) and i'd say we have a tie!

    About the Will Smith remark- how could I have never found those words in me? This is one of my biggest beliefs when it comes to religion. I even took a World Religion's class in college and was "warned" by a few fellow Christians not to "stray" by the beliefs of other people. Wow. If I had such little faith in my God to completely turn against Christianity simply by reading a book on Islam then I would have a serious problem in my credibility LOL.

    Great post!

    You should come by and check out my blog;-P