Saturday, December 6, 2008

Today is a Sprint

Today will be a challenge for me and my beautiful stilletos! I have so much crammed into my day today that I didn't fall asleep last night until nearly 2:15am and woke at 6am and sprang out of bed, almost in panic!

As we speak, the dishwasher is running (only after I emptied out the clean dishes and rummaged my house for dirty ones to reload). My coffee is cooling and I am about to make myself and Izaiah some breakfast (reheated sausage gravy and biscuits, YUM!). But first, Mt. McKinley has taken up residence in my hallway and it smells a lot like dirty laundry! Ok, so it really is just my dirty laundry that I hauled out of the room to sort so that my husband could sleep in peace.

I often ask myself how I got here - the place I SWORE I would never get to. My kitchen sink is NEVER empty, and neither is my laundry basket. I'm lucky to get the clean clothes folded and put away before I have enough for another load. My floors are never as clean as I want them to be and I am forever cleaning the bathroom sink because seriously, it's gross to spit your toothpaste while staring at cat hair. That's right, cat hair. Marley fits quite nicely in the bathroom sink and apparently, it suits her!

I digress.

After breakfast, it's time to hit the Commissary and pick up a few things to throw in the crock pot for an event later this evening, and then the BX to pick up a birthday present. From the Commissary and BX, I'll head straight to my friend's house with a comb and Coconut Oil in hand!! Today is her daughter's 6th birthday party (HAPPY BIRTHDAY CARLI!) and she has asked me to cornrow the front of her head. While I always welcome the opportunity to help out my friends and I love it will be an adventure thanks to Mother Time!

After leaving their house I have to return home, put the Buffalo Chicken Dip in the crock pot, get myself and the rest of the family ready and out the door to Carli's birthday.

We'll rush off to a birthday party and get hopped up on sugary birthday cake and soda, Bryanna will run around and play on the playground, probably come close to getting sick from all the activity and sugary, we'll say our "Thank You for inviting us" and rush to another friend's house for a FIGHT PARTY!!

Woo Hoo! In case you don't know, we're huge boxing fans and tonight is possibly the greatest fight ever! Manny Pacquiao vs. The Golden Boy Oscar de la Hoya!! This is where we'll devour way too many appetizers and beverages and probably end the night with some very loud Wii playing!

So let's recap: I have not scheduled in lunch, but we'll have desert and appetizers, probably killing any chance for dinner. Fantastic right? Izaiah will be away from home, probably killing all chances for a decent nap.

Wish me luck! I've picked out a REALLY cute pair of heels to sprint in today! hehe

I do plan to savor every moment with my little ones and savor a whole lot of Buffalo Chicken Dip! I would never trade these busy days, the activities with my family and my friends. I would never neglect the opportunity to help my friends and take care of my family and my house. This is my amazing (fast-paced) life as a Mommy in Jeans and High Heels!

For those interested, Buffalo Chicken Dip:
2 blocks of Cream Cheese
1 large can of Tyson Chunk Chicken
a whole lot of ranch (or blue cheese) dressing
your favorite hot sauce

Throw all of this in the crock and when the cream cheese is melted, add more ranch and hot sauce to taste! Serve with tortilla chips!


  1. hello from SITS! That recipe sounds fantastic!

  2. Hi, I saw your comment on roll call over at SITS and wanted to come over and say hi.
    Have a good night